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About Us

Jay Gilliam, your host, has lived here in the Rockbridge County area almost all of his life.  Jay is retired from a couple of careers, the first in landscape gardening and design.  The  plantings around the Cottage are a work in progress.  You will probably find Jay puttering around the yard or building a raised bed for new plants when you arrive.  Jay has a gift for telling the tall tale, meandering the wandering trail, and  reminiscing about the well-known characters and history of the area. 


The beautiful Blue Ridge.


Upon request, Jay might be convinced to serve as tour guide, chauffeur, or provide you with information for sightseeing, hiking, fishing, or hunting in and around Rockbridge County.  He can point you to unique and wonderful sites in the area.  He has a wealth of information about the natural beauty of this part of Virginia that he will be glad to share with you.


Jay and his wife, Anita, purchased the Rose Cottage property initially to use as a home "extension" for visiting family and friends. Soon they became intrigued with the idea of making new friends and providing comfortable lodging for visitors to this wonderful part of the Valley.  Jay and Anita hope you find the Cottage to be a "home away from home", and welcome any suggestions or ideas you might have to improve the quality of your experience.



Plantings are a work in progress.

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