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The Rose Cottage is situated near Steeles Tavern, VA.  Proximity to a scenic portion of Interstate 81/64 makes the location perfect for those traveling through the Shenandoah Valley and the Valley of Virginia, from Winchester all the way through Virginia to the Tennessee line.  Interstate 64 branches east/west is only a few miles from the Cottage, and scenic Rt. 11 is just one minute away.

The Rose Cottage is a short drive from beautiful Goshen Pass, formed as the Maury River winds its way through the mountains.   Fishing, kayaking and hiking opportunities abound, and your host will be glad to advise you.


Washington & Lee University and School of Law, Virginia Military Institute, Southern Virginia University, Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and Mary BaldwinCollege are all within a 30 minute drive.  The colleges bring a wealth of educational and entertainment opportunities to the cultural life of the area.


McCormick's Farm, the home of Cyrus McCormick and his family, is only a couple of miles from the Cottage.  McCormick is the inventor of the reaper, which in essence was the beginning of the industrial agricultural revolution. There is a small exhibit, a well-maintained water wheel mill, as well as a short (3/4 mile), easily accessible nature walk through a part of the farm.  Two ponds attract ducks, geese and other wildlife to the Farm. 


Rockbridge Vinyard, one mile away, has award winning Virginia wines for tasting and sale, as well as a bright new tasting room where guests can spend a quiet relaxing afternoon.  You may meet some of the locals there, with their dogs, sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the scenery and conversation. 


The Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton is about 30 minutes from the Cottage.  This innovative outdoor museum tells the story of the early migrants to America, and their descendants, as the visitor wanders through living examples of traditional buildings and farms from both the Old and New Worlds.   A series of exhibits takes the visitor from the 1600s through the 1800s, describing the life of these early immigrants, and how it evolved through the centuries.

Please note, the red pin on the Google map below shows Tem Lane, but not the accurate location of Rose Cottage.

Goshen Pass and the Maury River in the fall.

Scenes at McCormick's Farm.

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